The Rectorship blog: Seize the opportunity to get up close and personal with RUC’s research


Rector Ib Poulsen dreams that students RUC’s students become more involved with the research of the university – and that the university’s researchers become better at inviting the students to join.


Rector Ib Poulsen, Prorector Hanne Leth Andersen and University Director Peter Lauritzen take turns to write the Rectorship blog.

RUC’s method of teaching gives you as students a unique opportunity to right into the thick of the research going on at RUC. Seize this opportunity to get close to the research process, whether it happens in the laboratory, in the field or by diving into the world of research literature.

Peter Lauritzen’s latest entry: University quality in 2014

Apart from the research literature referred to by your supervisor, ask your supervisor how he or she would personally tackle your upcoming student paper academically speaking. Be proactive, curious and extrovert  –  this is how the best and most interesting projects are created, and it is important that you as students take this task upon yourselves and use the opportunity. This is also one of the ways through which we at RUC can raise the quality of our educations.

Be proactive, curious and extrovert  –  this is how the best and most interesting projects are created.

I am quite certain that it is already happening in a lot of places, but on the other hand, I think it is important to remind each other that here at RUC we have the opportunity to bring the research in close, and never just take it for granted. RUC’s particular method of working  –  the project work  –  gives you as RUC students this unique opportunity.

The researcher’s role

My encouragement is also aimed at all of RUC’s researchers and supervisors. If we at RUC are to succeed in this, and the students are to gain better insight and understanding of the research going on at the university for the benefit of their own projects, it is necessary that RUC’s researchers and supervisors are as visible and available at RUC as possible.

It is often in a meeting face-to-face that the most interesting conversations regarding research arise. At the same time, we know that input and questions asked by the students can inspire and benefit the work of the researchers.

Welcome to a new semester at RUC, where I hope that everyone will contribute to the research and the research process becoming a part of the students’ projects more than ever.

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