Blog: about the humanities? (a sort of academic tribute)


Garbi Schmidt, a professor in Cultural Encounters, has  –  without a doubt incited by the dictate of an educational ceiling, especially in humanities subjects  –  written a poetic tribute to, precisely, the humanities. 

RUC. Rubrik # 3.Humanities is the study of language.

German, french, italian, russian, finnish.

Language, which is good to know,

when you want to understand, what others say and think

on their own terms, without filters.

Humanities is the study of tales.

Humanities is the study of stories.

The stories, that we know, but also all the others.

The story about the small and ordinary,

the forgotten and the hidden,

the uncomfortable, which formed us,

although, we don’t exactly remember it.


Humanities is the study of tales.

The strong, the touching, the joyous, the life-giving.

Accurate like photographs and music.

All that which makes sense, because it is beautiful.


Humanities is the study of ideas.

About the just and the unjust, the logical and the illogical, the good and the evil.

About information and democracy, demagogy and censorship,

about things that uplift, and break, souls.


Humanities is the study of others,

and the study of ourselves.

About meeting and parting, conflict and reconciliation.

Even love and death.


Humanities is the study of THE HUMAN.

The sciences, which create understanding of who we are; our unifying and diverse, changeable essence.


Don’t forget it.

Read the background for the tribute here

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