The History of the Annual Party: Drinking From the Loo, Striptease and Accidents


It started out small and grew way too big and crazy – and along the way a lot of anecdotes were written about the Annual Party at RUC. RUSK retells some of the best ones.

197552_186562494719772_3887062_nThe Modest (Boring) Beginning

In the year 1976, the first Annual Party at RUC was held. At the time, only four years after the establishment of RUC, the Annual Party was rather modest: There was only one tent, which framed the RUC revue, and a simple festivity for specially invited guests and honorary doctors. Later, more people were allowed to join, but the party was still taking place around the one tent until the mid-1980s, where every house was assigned the responsibility for inviting to a party.

The Party Takes Off

The houses were now the focal point of the Annual Party, which remained a tradition for many years. There were no restrictions as to how long the parties could last for, and every house tried various concepts to get as many people to join the party as possible in order to amass money for the house and the students in it. With a free entrance pass for everybody, RUC people as well as guests, RUC´s famous and infamous Annual Party soon grew massive, and around the year 2000, the attendance was about 15,000 guests.

Ship Loo, Box on the Ear, Jade-Laila – and a Fire Hazard

In 1999, the houses were competing fiercely with each other in order to get the most people to attend. House 9.1 had made a “ship loo”, where you could filter “Fregatten Jylland” (The frigate Jylland) – a strong beer – through the cistern of an IFÖ toilet. The arch-enemy, house 9.2, had made a sleazy “Boogie Nights” theme with half-naked service, Ron Jeremy-cocktails (named after the famous porn star) and a special “Fight Club” room, where you could punch your friends in the face. The next morning, there were a few black eyes, bruised knuckles and sore gums.

During the night, both bars were stormed by a number of excited men who had been evacuated from one the CAT-barracks by the fire authorities due to danger of collapse. At the CAT-barracks, the students had managed to hire Jade-Laila from the popular TV-show “Stripperkongens piger” (The King of Striptease´s Girls) that was in those years shown on the channel “TV-Danmark” to do a strip. Her performance turned out to be quite popular – the fire authorities found more than 500 people in rooms that were only approved to hold 150. Furthermore, the bars in many of the houses blocked the emergency exits.

This was also the year after the great discotheque fire in Gothenburg in 1998, where a fire started in a room with 375 young people. It was only approved for 150 people, and 63 people died, which probably had an impact on why the fire safety was being taken very seriously.

Burglars in the Oven

Is that a moose? Seen in 2011. Photo: Kamarillaen.

Is that a moose? Seen in 2011. Photo: Kamarillaen.

The Annual party of 1990 was more than striptease and angry firemen. One of the houses made so much money that the notes were flying around behind the bar due to lack of storage space for them. Cleverly enough, one person had the idea to put the notes in the bar´s oven that was not in use. The oven was not turned on, but in the dead of night, the bartenders realised that a couple of bandits were rummaging in the oven and at full tilt ran away with the notes. Because of the slow motion tempo in which you realise things when you have been drinking a lot all night, the bartenders never caught the culprits before they were gone. The robbery was never solved, and it resulted in a deficit for the otherwise promising bar.

The Accidents

In 2000, the events of the Annual Party took a serious turn when a 26-year-old man was hit by a car on his way home from the party and was instantly killed. This unfortunate event was, of course, not something that RUC was responsible for, but in the media, RUC´s wild Annual Party was still linked to it.

At this time, the annual parties were known by half of Zealand, and people without any form of connection to RUC came in order to attend this “small Roskilde Festival”. The crowd was so huge that the parties started to get attention from the police. In 1996, the local authorities had already expressed scepticism in connection to the security conditions. In 1997, the “orange guards” were introduced. These guards were volunteer, sober RUC-people, like we know them today, who, equipped with counters, were entrusted to keep an eye on a potential overload of people in the houses and, by and large, see to it that everything was calm and in order. Nevertheless, a guy fell out from a first floor window in one of the CAT-buildings in the late 1990s. He survived but hit his head and suffered serious consequences from the accident. The crowd continued to be big at the parties, and in addition to the questionable fire safety, the risk of being trampled was also pointed out.

From several sides, it was believed that the festivities had gotten out of control, and especially from the year 2003, the rules for participation and the rules for how long people were allowed to party in the houses were tightened up. Furthermore, the campus was enclosed at the annual event.

The large security control has not put a stop to the fact that the Annual Party is a big draw, with an average of 7000 participants thanks to, among others, the dedicated group of volunteers from RUC (the so-called Kamarilla association) that puts an impressive amount of work into getting the party organised.

A lot of wild things continue to happen. In 2010, a girl got a spin while relieving herself in a portable toilet when a couple of people in a festive mood chose to push over the booth. This resulted in the contents of the toilet being emptied onto the girl, who then fled in shame.

In 2011, there were 11 bars, 7500 litres of beer, 550 bottles of alcohol, 4 stages, 9 dance floors, 17 bands. In 2012, Mentos sponsored loads of Mentos products which guaranteed to mean extra freeeeshness for the people.

What will 2013 offer?!

What is it about That Moose?

”The moose is coming,” the expression goes when the Annual Party is just around the corner.  This sounds rather bizarre.

But at the dawn of time, a bunch of stoned RUC-people were playing with the logo of RUC, and when they tipped it to the left, the angriest and most evil head of a moose appeared. The moose immediately became a symbol of the Annual Party – the symbol which indicates that something wild is coming.

The moose is a whopper. It is the biggest type of deer in the world, weighs between 500-800 kilos, can become 3 metres long and two metres tall. The moose are eager to come to Denmark: Only four years ago, a moose crossed the Sound (in the direction of Roskilde) and in 1999-2000, a moose was living in Northern Zealand for about 10 months before a merciless train mowed it down. A Danish professor thinks that the world´s largest deer is probably on its way back to the nature of Denmark after 4,500 years of absence.

Little does he know that for the past many years, it has already stepped on the grounds of Marbjerg Field in Trekroner!

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