Editorial: RUSK goes international


International students are an important but underprioritized part of RUC. Here at RUSK we want to help change that, so we are happy to say that we will from now also be publishing English articles as well as Danish.

Even though most students are buried in project work, including the RUSK editorial team, that doesn’t mean, that we aren’t working on any projects. Yesterday we kicked off a new chapter of RUSK, of which I personally am a huge fan. Yesterday we published an English article.

Read the article: Adapting to life as a RUC student

Some of you might remember, that RUSK has published English articles before. We even used to have an English sister-site that you could visit. But back then, all articles were written in Danish first and then later translated. That proved an expensive and inefficient solution, that didn’t have any success with the readers. There was rarely anything written about the international students, and most Danish readers had already seen the translated articles before. Since then, translating articles has been more or less abandoned, since very few read them.

Læs den på dansk: RUSK bliver international

I think that is a shame. The international students are an important resource for RUC, but they are also a resource that we are not good at looking after.  RUC takes in on average 500 exchange and full-time students from all over the globe every year. It’s always healthy to get a different pair of eyes on your work. At the same time, it’s a good thing for our university when international students take their experiences and ideas obtained at RUC and spread them around the globe.

Unfortunately, the international students are all too often forgotten in the humdrum of everyday life. They are underrepresented in various academic councils, and are often left to fend for themselves.

Here at RUSK, we have an ambition about not being RUC’s watchdogs. We also want to show off all the many different facets of our university. That includes the international students, who we are now giving the opportunity to express themselves and write about the unique challenges that they face. Therefore, we hope that you will give this new initiative a warm welcome!

Kind regards,
Simon Freiesleben
Editor at RUSK


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