RUC staff accuse management of hasty solutions

Last December, when the Board of Directors of RUC adopted a budget involving redundancies, some staff members wrote protest letters about their frustrations and turned up at the budget meeting..

Jesper Ryberg: Prized researcher

Monday is the deadline for nominations for Dansk Magisterforening‘s two research awards. RUC’s Jesper Ryberg won one of them in 2012. He is just generally very much a prize-winning professor.

Record-high voter turnout among RUC students

A total of 35.22% RUC students voted in the university elections during election week: the highest university voter turnout in Denmark and the highest since the university board system was introduced in 2003.

RUC’s journalism students all got in on ‘Panic Day’

Twice each year, the Danish media establishment gathers in Aarhus to recruit interns. The official name of the day is ‘Great Matching Day’, but everybody calls it ‘Panic Day’. All the RUC students that wanted internships got them.

Frit Forum and the Student Council in a tiff about mixing politics and social events

When they were still a part of RUC’s political landscape, a key issue for Frie Studerende was to take the politics out of social activities on campus, almost all of which are organised by the Student Council. Frit Forum has taken that same stance.

Picture report: Campus come alive

Obviously, the nice weather helps, but there are also early signs that the many new facilities on campus are having an effect – that people are putting them to good use and that they may even be encouraging people to spend just a little more time at Trekroner. Your RUSK reporter went for a little […]