Rector invited students and staff to a debate on interdisciplinarity

On Thursday, 29 January, Hanne Leth Andersen hosted yet another so-called ‘dialogue seminar’ – this time to discuss interdisciplinarity. Both staff and students were invited, but it was mostly members of staff that had shown up.

Expert Committee recommends yet another university reform

Final Expert Committee report recommends major reform of higher education. Our rector disagrees.

Four universities, three countries, five years

Taking the plunge into studying abroad is not always easy. Lise Michaela Lodahl plucked up the courage to do it three whole times and tells us here about her experiences.

Blog: Culture shock in Cambridge

Our reporter Louise Axelsen has taken six months’ leave from RUSK to study at Cambridge. Instead, she will be blogging during her stay. This is her first post.

RUC students: We wait too long for our grades

Is it fair to demand that students meet their deadlines, when teachers don’t? RUC teachers are struggling to provide grades within the allotted time. 

The Student Council: It’s all about having influence

Voting for the 2014 RUC elections got underway yesterday. RUSK has interviewed representatives of the two student organisations about their key issues and more. First up is Student Council chairman Drude Rohde.