RUC staff accuse management of hasty solutions

Last December, when the Board of Directors of RUC adopted a budget involving redundancies, some staff members wrote protest letters about their frustrations and turned up at the budget meeting..

Rector invited students and staff to a debate on interdisciplinarity

On Thursday, 29 January, Hanne Leth Andersen hosted yet another so-called ‘dialogue seminar’ – this time to discuss interdisciplinarity. Both staff and students were invited, but it was mostly members of staff that had shown up.

Blog: I Went to Harvard WorldMUN – and it Made No Difference

RUC’s international student Maria Møller Stoffregen went to Brussel to participate in the prestigious ‘Harvard WorldMUN’ event. She wasn’t impressed.

Blog: Culture shock in Cambridge

Our reporter Louise Axelsen has taken six months’ leave from RUSK to study at Cambridge. Instead, she will be blogging during her stay. This is her first post.

Blog: : RUC and I

In between all the grand thoughts and visions for the future, there is also such a thing as work-life balance. RUSK’s new blogger spotlights the issue.

Record-high voter turnout among RUC students

A total of 35.22% RUC students voted in the university elections during election week: the highest university voter turnout in Denmark and the highest since the university board system was introduced in 2003.