Avoid plagiarism at RUC

As a student, it is essential to know the rules concerning plagiarism. Committing plagiarism can have serious implications.

Blog: I Went to Harvard WorldMUN – and it Made No Difference

RUC’s international student Maria Møller Stoffregen went to Brussel to participate in the prestigious ‘Harvard WorldMUN’ event. She wasn’t impressed.

Blog: Culture shock in Cambridge

Our reporter Louise Axelsen has taken six months’ leave from RUSK to study at Cambridge. Instead, she will be blogging during her stay. This is her first post.

Blog: : RUC and I

In between all the grand thoughts and visions for the future, there is also such a thing as work-life balance. RUSK’s new blogger spotlights the issue.

Election blog: Less popular subjects should be given more priority

Having a diversified subject offering at RUC is important to the Student Council. Natali Rhode of HumTech and Morten Levinsky of NatSci, both Student Council candidates running for the Academic Council, believe it is important keep the less popular subjects in focus.

The Rector’s Blog: Quiet Researchers vs. Noisy Researchers

If you recognize the names of research experts in the media, it’s not so strange. They’re extensively the same names which get used again and again. Prorector Peter Kjær blogs on this phenomenon.