RUSK – why and who?


In spring 2013, two printed RUC-publications  –  RUCnyt and HippoCampus  –  were terminated. However, the establishment of a new online media was enacted, which is what you are currently visiting.

RUSK is an independent news media. We are independent in the sense that nobody, not even the Rectorship, can interfere with or control our journalism. And we are a news media, because we follow RUC and the people who spend their everyday lives here, as well as those who simply visit Marbjerg Mark.

The name RUSK (the Danish word for “shake”) demands certain obligations. We would like to shake things up at RUC in the figurative sense of the word by bringing attention to what needs discussing, promote new ideas and if necessary push for change.  In other words, we are a critical media that wants to shed lights on issues, poor conditions or bad atmosphere. Naturally, we still monitor the successes of RUC: that which works well, the nice relations and the great environment.

RUSK is also the media for the entirety of RUC. It is both the students´, the Academic Staff´s and the Administration´s. Thus, we also have a blog with representatives from every corner of the university.

We will on a regular basis publish articles in collaboration with RUC´s research publication, RUBRIK. When this happens, it will be clearly marked as such.

The editorial office consists of a colourful crew of volunteer writers from a variety of the study programs available at the university – and we can always use an extra hand. Here is the current editorial staff:

Asbjørn Flügge

– Læser Dansk og Litteratur og medier.

Siska Bengtson

– Læser Dansk og Journalistik.

Mette Dalgaard

– Læser Journalistik og Politik og administration.

Mads Gluud

– Læser på Samfundsvidenskabelig linje med Journalistik som tilvalg.

Marie Klit

– Læser Journalistik

Anna Egeriis Karltoft

– Læser Psykologi og Journalistik

Oliver Alexander Nyberg

– Læser på nat.bach.

Mie Jensen

– Læser Kommunikation og Psykologi

Jonas Lund

– Læser Journalistik og Politik og administration

Julie Kaufmann

– Læser på Sam.Bas.

Sandra Bothman

– Læser Virksomhedsstudier og Kommunikation.

Louise Overgaard Akselsen

– Læser på Hum.Bach.

Jonas Nielsen

– Læser Psykologi og Kommunikation

Josefine Therese Svendstrup

– Læser Sam.Bach.

Kasper Anthon Sørensen

Katrine Larsson Zachariassen

– Læser Dansk og Kommunikation.

Emil Rasmus Laursen

– Læser Journalistik og Socialvidenskab.

Cecilie Amalie Lang

Morten Slabiak

Mikkel Simon Jensen

Bastian Grostøl