The alumni relay: Anne Sundstrup, 2008

Else Qwist Hatorp passed on the baton to Anne Sundstrup, who is the third person to hold it. She graduated from RUC in 2008 with a Master’s degree in Computer Science and Communication. 

The alumni relay: Else Qwist Hatorp, 1987

John Plate has passed the alumni baton on to Else Qwist Hatorp, the second to be interviewed in our series. She graduated from RUC in 1987 and told us about the time when students would themselves fix things that didn’t work.

The Alumni Relay: John Plate, 1986

The first participant in RUSK´s Alumni Relay is John Plate. He studied Computer Science and Geography and graduated in 1986. Below he answers our questions in a brief and blunt manner. 

What on Earth is Alumni?

On Friday the 4th of October, about 40 former RUC people and other people connected to RUC were gathered to hold the Alumni association´s yearly meeting: ‘Big Alumni Day’. RUSK went along to pick up cock-and-bull stories and to steal peanuts.