What Would You Like to Be When You Grow Up?

It’s only natural to have doubts when thinking about one’s future  –  the time after the university. The trick is to use the doubt constructively instead of panicking, advises career counselor  Louise Jørgensen.

Election blog: A study to be proud of

Maria Sofia Sørensen, Candidate to Academic Council for the Student Council (Studenterrådet) became so frustrated with her life as an international student that she got involved politically.

Blog: Do Researchers Make a Living by Criticising Each Other?

In her first blog, researcher of religion Garbi Schimidt looks into the concept of the researcher as the lonely rider vs. the researcher as a team player. Ideally, she is probably something in between.

The Rectorship´s Blog: Education or Production?

Pro-rector Hanne Leth believes that there has been surprisingly little criticism of the university amendments which have been made over the summer as a follow-up to the reform of the Danish student´s Grants and Loans Scheme (SU). The theme is that the students must start and finish their educations faster than they do at the […]

Blog: Has the Temperature in Greenland Doubled?

Measuring and comparing are not always that easy.  We  –  and the journalists  –  need to use the right scales. Otherwise, it is easy to understate or exaggerate numbers. 

Blog: When the World of TV Series Takes Over the Thesis Writing

In his second blog entry, Rasmus Hylleberg defends his delaying tactic number one: TV series.