Interview with the Rector I: About the “turn on” factor of the rector’s job and RUC’s biggest challenges.

Today RUC’s new rector holds her official inaugural lecture. In honour of the occasion RUSK is bringing the first part of a long interview, where we asked her both our own questions as well as yours. Today it’s about her appointment and the challenges facing RUC.  

The Canteen Competition Is on: University College Zealand (UCSJ) Invites RUC Students Inside

Several students at RUC are unsatisfied with RUC´s only canteen, and instead they choose the one at UCSJ, which gladly welcomes its neighbour´s costumers.

What on Earth is Alumni?

On Friday the 4th of October, about 40 former RUC people and other people connected to RUC were gathered to hold the Alumni association´s yearly meeting: ‘Big Alumni Day’. RUSK went along to pick up cock-and-bull stories and to steal peanuts.

Five in six RUC students don’t know their rector

Do you know what our rector looks like? If you don’t, you needn’t panic: you are certainly not the only one to think that you haven’t seen him before.  

The Official Annual Celebration – VIP only

Although not everyone might realise it, each year on the same day as the students’ Annual Party, RUC’s official Annual Celebration, an invitation-only event, is also held in the afternoon in the large auditorium in building 00. This year even HRH Mary joined in.  

The Unofficial Annual Party: Wonderland, Concert Chaos and Sex Talk

The Annual Party at RUC was influenced by a nostalgic joy over concerts by former Big Brother contestant Christian Brøns, the energetic Mø and Specktors, where the concert tent was filled to the brim.