Rector invited students and staff to a debate on interdisciplinarity

On Thursday, 29 January, Hanne Leth Andersen hosted yet another so-called ‘dialogue seminar’ – this time to discuss interdisciplinarity. Both staff and students were invited, but it was mostly members of staff that had shown up.

Pro-rector disappointed: The Student Council complains instead of taking action

Back in October, Sidsel Gro Bang-Jensen from the Student Council openly criticized the Rectorship for not listening to student requests concerning more lessons. Shortly after this, a disappointed Hanne Leth Andersen, the pro-rector of RUC, contacted RUSK. 

Debate: Let us drop the discourse regarding the quicker-completion reform

If about 85 percent of students at universities throughout the country already use more than the standard time limit to finish their education, one might wonder whether it is actually the system and the structure of the university that is messed up, not the students. Sofie V. Jensen, who studies at Educational Studies and Global […]

Blog: Are we going abroad for Denmark’s sake?

After Morten Østergaard called for more Danish students to go on an international student exchange, RUSK’s student exchange blogger asks the minister to explain which story he wants to tell about the international world of educational programmes.