Record-high voter turnout among RUC students

A total of 35.22% RUC students voted in the university elections during election week: the highest university voter turnout in Denmark and the highest since the university board system was introduced in 2003.

Election blog: Less popular subjects should be given more priority

Having a diversified subject offering at RUC is important to the Student Council. Natali Rhode of HumTech and Morten Levinsky of NatSci, both Student Council candidates running for the Academic Council, believe it is important keep the less popular subjects in focus.

Frit Forum: “We’re fighting for a better university”

Yesterday, we spoke to Drude Rohde of the Student Council. Today’s guest in the hot seat is Morten Slabiak of Frit Forum. We talk with him on key issues, how Frit Forum differ from their political opponents and on politics in general.