Exchange blog: Home again

RUSK’s returned exchange blogger evades giving the great enthusiastic exchange-programme advertising-speech and closes his updates with something about feelings. Bonus: A few tips to those considering going somewhere in the future.

Exchange blog: Grey tones, spring flowers and exams

RUSK’s soon-to-be former exchange blogger takes stock of the last phase of his stay – the phase where it is time to see what you can achieve. And maybe there is a moral hidden somewhere.

Blog: Everyday life in parenthesis

RUSK’s temporary Parisian spent the Christmas holidays in Copenhagen, and this provokes a nostalgic eruption of emotions. In a month he will be coming back home for good.

Blog: A Report from a City that Might Not Exist

This fall, Eskil Elling blogs during his exchange stay in Paris. He starts by wrenching himself from the clichés.