Debate: Why I support the blockade

Julian Lo Curlo, who studies Cultural Encounters and International Studies at SIB 21 writes in reaction to the blog by Frit Forum chairman criticizing the blockade. 

Blog post: Welcome to the new rector

Frit Forum features both praise and critical comments after last week’s three-part interview with RUC’s new rector, Hanne Leth Andersen. Board member Morten Slabiak takes up his pen in this post.

Election Blog: More Studentships in Roskilde or a Study Hall in Copenhagen?

For us, the students, the RUC election gives a unique opportunity to influence the development of our university. The student association Frit Forum and Asger Klöcker-Gatzwiller run in the election to break with the board of directors´ courting to Roskilde and for more study opportunities in Copenhagen.