Reunion with the daily newspaper Information’s School of Media: Try to do it again as if you were a stand-up comedian

Back in October, RUSK reported from the first lecture at Information’s School of Media. We returned for the final module where an actor taught presentation techniques. Now the young ‘experts’ have to stand on their own two legs. 

Blog: Six things about disseminating results of research in politicised fields

Garbi Schmidt, a professor with the Department of Culture and Identity specialising in cultural encounters and intercultural studies, held a presentation at a seminar entitled “The Culture of Debate and Democratic Openness” at the University of Aarhus on 20 November. This is a summary of the points she made about disseminating research findings.

Young researchers start at media school

New tricks to learn: What do chemistry researchers, architects and historians know about PR? The newspaper Information’s new media school for PhD students will teach them how to manage themselves in the media.