Techno party: “Let’s go”

True to tradition, a techno party was held at RUC on Friday, 21 March, this time in Building 14.1 and organised by “the NATs” (science majors) in their own NatCafé. And it wasn’t exactly a quiet party.

Thesis submission: “Now it’s time for some beer”

Over the last six months, Rasmus Hylleberg has been blogging about the life of a thesis-writing student. Now he has finally submitted his thesis. RUSK followed him and his thesis partner on their very last day as university students. Here is the second and final part.

Students celebrate J-Day for the party, not for the Christmas beer

When RUC students and their friends celebrated the annual release of Tuborg’s Julebryg last Friday, it certainly wasn’t the Christmas beer that drew in the crowd. For most, it was a good excuse to dress up in a silly elf outfit and to hang out with their friends.