Shit researcher from RUC saves lives

A dangerous and potentially lethal strain of bacteria is flourishing in the country’s hospitals. A PhD student from RUC has found a new method that can detect the bacteria so quickly that it can mean the difference between life and death. This article is brought out in partnership with RUBRIK.

Blog: Our fight (for the internet)

The Internet today permeates our lives. But who owns it and who formulates its guidelines? Perhaps the most important issue is how we use it.

PhD blog: shit researcher, single mother and Barnaby-fan

She presents herself as shit researcher and does not hide that she is a hard-pressed single mother. RUSK’s new PhD blogger, Mie Birgitte Frid, introduces herself here – with no sugar coating.

Reunion with the daily newspaper Information’s School of Media: Try to do it again as if you were a stand-up comedian

Back in October, RUSK reported from the first lecture at Information’s School of Media. We returned for the final module where an actor taught presentation techniques. Now the young ‘experts’ have to stand on their own two legs. 

Young researchers start at media school

New tricks to learn: What do chemistry researchers, architects and historians know about PR? The newspaper Information’s new media school for PhD students will teach them how to manage themselves in the media.