Frit Forum and the Student Council in a tiff about mixing politics and social events

When they were still a part of RUC’s political landscape, a key issue for Frie Studerende was to take the politics out of social activities on campus, almost all of which are organised by the Student Council. Frit Forum has taken that same stance.

One in four RUC candidates elected at the municipal elections

Many RUCers tried their luck at standing for election at the municipal elections last November. Not all of them, however, were actually elected. RUSK had a chat with some of those whose election campaign succeeded, about how life as a student and politician fits together.

Blog: The Internet’s DNA

The Internet builds up. And the Internet breaks down. The Internet is technology, yet it behaves almost organically. RUSK’s blogger takes an even closer look at the Internet and talks with one of its pioneers, Howard Rheingold.

Can you create your own quality-studies?

According to research carried out by the union DJØF in September 2012, 70 percent of students at RUC would like to receive more teaching hours. Nonetheless the rectorship maintains that the number of contact hours is not a problem. The Student Council calls for a recognition of student needs.