RUC allocated only small amount of research funds

Just before the summer holidays, the Danish Council for Independent Research distributed 820 million Danish kroner. Of these, RUC received 22.3 million Danish kroner – approximately 2.7 percent.

Blog: Do Researchers Make a Living by Criticising Each Other?

In her first blog, researcher of religion Garbi Schimidt looks into the concept of the researcher as the lonely rider vs. the researcher as a team player. Ideally, she is probably something in between.

The Thesis of the Week: Homelessness – Staking Everything on One Throw

Can you play your way through a thesis exam? A new RUC thesis brings homelessness into focus through the making of an informative board game: “The Homeless Game”. 

Remark: Adoption of fertilised eggs simply makes sense

RUSK will regularly publish articles and papers from RUC’s research magazine RUBRIK. Here is the first one  –  a paper by a PhD student on her research into embryo adoption.

Blog: Has the Temperature in Greenland Doubled?

Measuring and comparing are not always that easy.  We  –  and the journalists  –  need to use the right scales. Otherwise, it is easy to understate or exaggerate numbers. 

Thesis blog 1: The explorers

Is the thesis looming i the horizon, are you all ready desparing in the middle of it?  Kirstine Fabricius and Katrine Bütow has been through it all and share their insights here.