Frit Forum and the Student Council in a tiff about mixing politics and social events

When they were still a part of RUC’s political landscape, a key issue for Frie Studerende was to take the politics out of social activities on campus, almost all of which are organised by the Student Council. Frit Forum has taken that same stance.

RUC – a place or a community?

Charlotte Kaare-Andersen is a masters student at Communication and Cultural Encounters who has taken the challenge upon her to investigate the international students’  social interaction at Roskilde University. Journalist Johannes Dreyer Kristensen from RUSK collaborator Papaya Mag spoke with her.

A RUC Dynamo Powers Down – He Has Graduated

After seven years with an impressive career at RUC as tutor, president of the committee Kamarillaen, active in the Friday Bar at RUC, student worker and so much more, Dion Pedersen is now ready to leave RUC.

The all-inclusive RUC choir

There is room for all when the RUC choir practices on Tuesdays between 4 and 6 pm. Singing “fiio fiiio” and “you give me fever”. There is laughter and chatter.

Train ride an important part of RUC’s social “glue”

The vast majority of RUC students are tired of the two times 20 minutes they spend every day on the train to Trekroner, travelling to lectures and study group meetings. But the time they spend on the train has a social function, too.