Debate: Why I support the blockade

Julian Lo Curlo, who studies Cultural Encounters and International Studies at SIB 21 writes in reaction to the blog by Frit Forum chairman criticizing the blockade. 

Blog: Students demand action – for education, jobs and living

The Student Council’s national policy activist Maria Stein Knudsen, who is currently on the ballot for the Academic Council, writes why you should go to the demonstration tomorrow.

Pro-rector disappointed: The Student Council complains instead of taking action

Back in October, Sidsel Gro Bang-Jensen from the Student Council openly criticized the Rectorship for not listening to student requests concerning more lessons. Shortly after this, a disappointed Hanne Leth Andersen, the pro-rector of RUC, contacted RUSK. 

9,000 students from the University of Copenhagen demonstrated at Frue Plads

Wednesday’s blockade of RUC´s administration was a demonstration to support the students from the University of Copenhagen who in large numbers demonstrated in Copenhagen. RUSK was there to cover the demonstration. 

200 RUC’ers blocked the University Administration

On Wednesday the 27th of November, a mass meeting in the student house at RUC led to a blockade of the University Administration. The students of RUC wanted to show that they were opposed to the “get-through-quicker reform.” 

Blog: “In the World of the Students”

The Head of the Student Council Stefan Larsen held a speech for the VIPs at the official Annual Celebration arrangement. He tried to give them an insight into the world of the students. Here is the speech in its entirety.