Tutors dedicate day and night in August to new students

Chairmen, lackeys and tutors dedicate all of August to give the new students an unforgettable beginning to their study. The preparation period will also be unforgettable for the tutor team, even though it is extremely demanding.

Study Start 2014: Marbjerg Field Show in intervals

Study start at RUC equals the Marbjerg Field Show. It’s the very first thing that new students come across. Rusk went for a walk with them.

Study start 2014: Bacon isn’t hot

The day temperature is a key factor for how fun it is to be wrapped in bacon. Andreas Wolff knows all about this; for the third year in a row, he was at the Marbjerg Field Show.

Rectorship’s blog: Dear new students!

During the start of the new semester Rector Hanne Leth Andersen wishes the new students welcome. Here’s her welcome speech.