Blog: You must choose now

Every choice excludes others. That goes for both simple choices and bigger choices in life. You’re an expert in making choices, because you have chosen an education at RUC. But why is it so difficult to make choices? (Warning: in the following, the words choice, choose and decision will appear 57 times)

Frit Forum and the Student Council in a tiff about mixing politics and social events

When they were still a part of RUC’s political landscape, a key issue for Frie Studerende was to take the politics out of social activities on campus, almost all of which are organised by the Student Council. Frit Forum has taken that same stance.

Slight increase in student turnout at the election

It isn’t a glaring increase, but it is there. Compared to last year, this year student voting was up by just over one percentage point.

Election Blog: More Studentships in Roskilde or a Study Hall in Copenhagen?

For us, the students, the RUC election gives a unique opportunity to influence the development of our university. The student association Frit Forum and Asger Klöcker-Gatzwiller run in the election to break with the board of directors´ courting to Roskilde and for more study opportunities in Copenhagen.

Voxpop: RUC students expected to vote this year

Less than 20 per cent of the RUC students found their way to the ballot boxes in last year’s university election. A random check indicates a higher turnout for this year’s election. Meet some of the students that RUSK talked to at campus.