Blog: “In the World of the Students”

The Head of the Student Council Stefan Larsen held a speech for the VIPs at the official Annual Celebration arrangement. He tried to give them an insight into the world of the students. Here is the speech in its entirety.

The Official Annual Celebration – VIP only

Although not everyone might realise it, each year on the same day as the students’ Annual Party, RUC’s official Annual Celebration, an invitation-only event, is also held in the afternoon in the large auditorium in building 00. This year even HRH Mary joined in.  

The Unofficial Annual Party: Wonderland, Concert Chaos and Sex Talk

The Annual Party at RUC was influenced by a nostalgic joy over concerts by former Big Brother contestant Christian Brøns, the energetic Mø and Specktors, where the concert tent was filled to the brim.   

Profile: Former RUC student to rave behind his keyboard at annual party

Nothing beats the feeling Daniel Vognstrup gets when he shares his music with the duo ‘Bottled in England’. Tomorrow, he will share his music with his old university.

One block of concrete forward and two blocks back

The Annual Party at RUC is a big project that is very carefully planned and designed. But communication failed between those responsible for the new multi-purpose pitch and the organisers of the student party (Kamarillaen).